While Stocks Looking For Excuse To Rally Confuses Consumers

Q: What is realistic for a 30 YEAR FIXED NO COST LOAN OF $450,000.00? I can’t get straight answers from online lenders and I trust you to give accurate information.

A: Today a NO COST 30 year fixed for a loan of $450,000.00 can be AS LOW AS 3.25%. ( 3.25% a.p.r.) NO COST LOANS offer amazing rates and IMMEDIATE SAVINGS with NO COSTS paid by the borrower or added to their loan amount. Many online lenders quote “no costs” and the truth is that the costs are added to the loan amount, which is NOT A NO COST LOAN.I offer NO COST 30 year fixed rate mortgages that carry extremely competitive rates, which are based on loan amount, loan to value, credit scores and whether the borrower wants to take cash out or not.

ANYONE CURIOUS ABOUT HOW THEY MIGHT BENEFIT FROM A TRULY NO COST (no borrower paid costs and no hidden fees or costs added to their loan amount) HOME LOAN IS INVITED TO CALL ME AT 831-818-7700 OR SEND EMAIL TO JCHUBB1@GMAIL.COM. FYI: Lower loan amounts may not qualify for the lowest possible rates without any closing costs, but there are great options for borrowers in every category.

Q: Why are REAL RATES not lower and why do the low rates we’d like to get cost so much?

A: There are many factors at play in the economy at this time. If real rates drop too fast, lender will take huge losses. If the economy can be saved or stimulated without rates dropping more, the government and Wall Street will be happier—hence the push and pull between what is best for the majority of the population and the tiny minority who seem to have all the power. My take from my 35 years of helping borrowers take advantage of times of lower rates: Our government feels that they must please the most powerful people, who help to buy elections, first and the rest of us a distant second. However, it seems that every time we are in a recession, no matter how much the government tries to keep from lowering rates as low as we’d like to see them, they end up in more economic trouble than they bargained for, the 1% of the super rich who gained from failed economic policies refuse to help in any way they could, and rates have to be lowered more eventually to help us small folks spend enough money on Main Street to pull the country out of recession. This translates into a NO COST LOAN STRATEGY wherein borrowers take advantage of rates as the government stumbles again and again and is forced to gradually lower rates more than once. Call me to find out how this strategy can work you and your family at NO COST!!!