Q: I’m waiting for the lower rates closer to 3% that were predicted when the pandemic started. What’s the real story on rates? Can I get 3% or LESS? Where are rates going?

A: YES! You can get 3% or LESS. Call me to discuss all of your options.  However, if you can be patient and refinance more than once, you can save at NO COST two or three times and ratchet down for FREE. For some it may and for some it may not be the best time to pull the trigger on paying costs. You might benefit from a brief consultation with me, if you want to get the most “bang for your buck” and save the most possible money over time. You can reach me at 831-818-7700 or on email at jchubb1@gmail.com.

RATES DROP ON BAD NEWS FOR ECONOMIC GROWTH AND GENERAL DOMESTIC INSTABILITY. FEAR, UBCERTAINTY AND A LACK OF LEADERSHIP HAVE HISTORICALLY  BROUGHT ON LOWER RATES THAT STIMULATE THE CONSUMER SPENDING THAT PULLS US OUT OF RECESSIONS. With the inconvenient truth disclosed in John Bolton’s book, there is no longer any doubt that our present administration has been pretty much asleep at the wheel and focused on only ONE THING–the 2020 election. This, of course, is not great for our country which is in the beginning stages of a horrible recession, caused by a pandemic that is being largely ignored by the government while it grows worse daily. Together, all of today’s strange and crazy domestic circumstances are threatening to make the recession grow worse.

The only GOOD NEWS here is that mortgage rates are at historic lows and may go lower over time. Since the Fed has few tools to stimulate the economy, my prediction is a very slow move down in rates. This will give all rate reductions time to do whatever they can to stimulate economic activity. They don’t want to run out of options and, with NO COST 30 year fixed rate mortgages in the low to mid 3% range, there is little room to go much lower as far as mortgage rates are concerned. BUT, if the recession statistics get much worse, we may see rates even lower than we have today.

My advice to consumers is NOT TO WAIT for lower rates, take advantage of rates that are readily available and don’t pay a lot of closing costs UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT TO BUY THE RATE DOWN NOW. 

I expect interest rates on home mortgages to be volatile and to offer great opportunities that may not be available for several days in a row over the next few to several months. I can help you to track and select the program and rate that is as close as possible to NO COST and as good as you can get during any of the cycles we are destined to go through until this recession is closer to over with. Our crazy country, our crazy financial markets and our wild real estate markets are better navigated with an experienced and knowledgeable consultant by your side! This means that local real estate experts and mortgage consultants can definitely make a big difference when you are buying, selling, financing or re-financing property. You can get my expert advice, based on over 35 years of experience, by contacting me at 831-818-7700 or sending email to jchubb1@gmail.com.