Q: We were a bit disappointed to find that our refinance to pull cash out cost more than we expected when our loan amount went over $484,350.00. CAN YOU HELP US TO GET BETTER PRICING FOR THIS CASH-OUT REFINANCE?

A: YES AND I HAVE GOOD NEWS IN THIS AREA FOR MANY BORROWERS SEEKING TO PURCHASE OR REFINANCE WITH LOAN AMOUNTS AS HIGH AS $765,600. Fannie Me and Freddie Mac announced new loan limits on Tuesday 11-26-19! Your refinance will cost less if you keep your loan amount at or under “conforming” limit of $510,400.You can still do a Fannie/Freddie purchase or refinance with the new “High Balance or Super Conforming” loan limit of $765,600 before your loan gets classified as a “Jumbo” loan. Cash-out refinances can cost a bit more in some cases, so my advice is to call me to discuss your individual situation because I have some great strategies to get the lowest rates possible with the lowest costs possible in almost every possible scenario. In general, cash out refinances will get the most aggressive pricing when the loan amount is at or under $510,400, but loan amounts slightly higher can also sometimes employ some interesting strategies…. I can be reached seven days a week and most evenings at 831-818-7700 or by email at jchubb1@gmail.com.

Q: Do you have a regular newsletter or other content that we can access online or receive regularly by email?

A: Yes! Send email to jchubb1@ gmail.com and I will hook you up!

Q: Do you participate in the Sentinel’s “Reader’s Choice Best of Santa Cruz” ?

A: You can vote at Santa Cruz Sentinel.Com in the upper right hand corner or use the URL link: SCRC2019.com.

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